Business in BiH

The main reasons for doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be reduced to several points:

  •   Strategic location
  •   Available natural resources and beauties
  •   Long tradition in different industry branches
  •   Abundance of industrial zone, attractive sites and available production facilities
  •   Favorable legal environment
  •   Low tax rates
  •   Highly educated and price competitive labor force
  •   Stable domestic currency BAM pegged to EURO
  •   Regional and bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  •   EU perspective.

Official institutions in BiH play a significant role in attracting foreign investment and enabling easier and more efficient business in BiH.

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina coordinates activities of diplomatic missions and consular posts of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the sphere of economic presentation of BIH in the world.

The main task is to attract foreign investment and open new markets for businessmen from our country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina  regularly analyses economic information from BIH diplomatic missions and consular posts and on that basis develops and recommends a strategy of BIH economic actions in specific countries.

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2. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina is competent for the following:

  •  Foreign trade policy and customs tariff policy of BiH;
  •  Development of contracts, agreements and other documents in the field of       economic relations and trade with other countries;
  •  Development of bilateral and multilateral agreements and other documents in   regard to reconstruction of BiH;
  •  Relations with international organisations and institutions in the field of foreign   trade and economic relations;
  •  Designing and drafting strategic documents on macroeconomic relations in the   field of economic relations;
  •  Business environment, single economic space;
  •  Development and promotion of entrepreneurship;
  •  Control of turnover with goods and services under a special regime in the field of   export and import;
  •  Consumer protection;
  •  Competition;
  •  Co-ordination of international economic assistance to BiH, except from the part regarding the EU assistance;
  •  Veterinary medicine;

The Ministry is also responsible for tasks and duties falling within the jurisdiction of the State of BiH including defining policies and basic principles, co-ordinating activities and consolidating entity plans with those of international institutions in the following areas:



       Protection of environment and use of natural resources;


Part of this Ministry are also its administrative units: the Office of Veterinary Medicine of BiH, the Administration of BiH for Plant Health Protection and the Office for Harmonization and Coordination of Payments in Agriculture, Nutrition and Rural Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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3. The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a State Agency established with the mission to:

  • Attract and maximize the flow of foreign direct investment into Bosnia and Herzegovina, and encourage existing foreign investors to further expand and develop their businesses in BiH.
  • Facilitate the interaction between public and private sectors, and have an active role in policy advocacy in order to contribute to continually improving environment for business investment and economic development.
  • Promote a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country that is attractive to foreign investors.

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4. The Chamber of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a modern, professional institution that represents and promotes economic interests in the country and abroad.

The Chamber is a reliable source of information, where a large number of services (business and market information, information on regulations and laws, consulting services, promotional activities, databases, etc.) are provided in one place, both domestic and foreign partners.

The Chamber of Foreign Trade of BiH is a member of numerous international associations (Eurochambres, International Chamber of Commerce-ICC, ABC, FIATA, IRU, SECI) which enables it to successfully participate in various projects in order to strengthen and improve regional and international business cooperation.

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The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Amman is open for any kind of cooperation related to doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All businessmen interested in starting a business in BiH, investing, trading and any form of business cooperation are more than welcome to contact the Embassy.

We are here to help, facilitate and provide all the necessary information in this regard.